Mail Application & Payment to:

The Center For Rural Development

c/o: Events Department

2292 South Highway 27

Somerset, KY 42501 (light #15)

​Or click here to register/pay online

Vendor Applications can be emailed


Booth Spaces are reserved on a first come/first serve basis.  If you have a preference for booth location, please indicate this on your Vendor Application.

Vendor Information & Registration form

Exhibitor Show Package Includes:

Fully Furnished Booth Space & Vendor Parking
- 6 ft. table - Tables are required to be fully dressed
- Two chairs
- Convenient location and free ample parking for participating vendors

Advertising Package
- FaceBook and Twitter links and online exposure at
- Program Listing includes Company Name / Contact Person / Phone Number
- Directory Listing
- Web Page on the Virtual Bridal Show Tour (submitted by vendor as letter sized PDF or JPG)
- Database of Registered Brides and Grooms (utilizing this list after the show is an integral part of a successful show)

Promotional Materials 
- Bags will be provided at registration to all brides
(We ask that vendors not hand out their own personal bags as we have a sponsor who has paid for the show bags. We recommend providing packets of info that will fit in the large show bag)

Door Prizes:
- We request that each vendor donate a small door prize.
- Prizes will be drawn throughout the day so please bring your door prize to the registration desk for display. Do not leave door prize if the desk is unattended.
- A staff person will be available from 9:30 am.- 4 pm.

Vendor Door Prizes:
- Drawn at the end of the show. These usually include a drawing for a free booth for the next show and gift certificates to local restaurants.

Show Guidelines:

Fully Furnished Booth Space: 
Exhibitors will be responsible for their own signage.
You will need to bring an extension cord and strip if plugging in more than one item.
Booth contents need to fit within the booth space.

Program, Directory and Website Listing: 
- You must return your registration form with full payment in order to appear in the Show Program and in the Directory Listing.
- Colors flyers will be provided to exhibitors to display at their business.
- Exhibitor will need to supply JPG of logo and pdf description of products and company.
- Web Page on the Virtual Bridal Show Tour. (Submit vendor logo sized PDF or JPG)

Contact List of Attending Brides: 
- Please do not distribute the List of Brides who attend the show to anyone.

Promotional Materials: 
- Make sure you have enough promotional material on hand to give to all brides and that your contact information is on all materials.
- Winter shows average 250-300 registered brides.

 Do’s & Don’ts:
- Do find a show staff member if you need anything; we do our very best to help you in any way possible.
- Do make your booth fun and appealing.
- Do bring someone to help you in your booth. It allows you to take a break, get some food and relax, if only for 20 minutes, it can get you through the day.
- Please Do NOT distribute the Contact List of Attending Brides to anyone.
- Please Do NOT break down your booth before 4:00 PM. We have made a commitment to brides that vendors will be on hand to assist them until 4:00 PM. Early breakdown gives the brides the impression the show is over before it truly is, and it is distracting to other vendors who are trying to conduct business.
- Please Do NOT have volume of bands, loudspeakers, radios, television sets, and/or the operation of any machinery or equipment which is of sufficient volume that might be distracting to neighboring exhibitors.
- The Center for Rural Development does NOT allow open flame or helium balloons in the building.